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Pool Nurse

Olidia Staffing.

Saint Cloud,Minnesota

Salary: $45 - $47
Expirience: 6 + months

Job Type: Full Time & Part Time
Posted: 03/03/2022

Listing#: 5 Date Created: 03/03/2022 Expiration Date: 03/03/2022
Job Descripiton

6 months + experience. Dedicated, hardworking and reliable nurse.  


Pay: $45 - $47 per hour

8-hour shift
Morning Shift
Night Shift
Per deem
Skilled Nursing

Olidia Staffing.

Olidia Staffing.

Olidia Care is a Minnesota based Home Health Care Agency. We provide nursing services to medically complex and technology dependent patients of all ages. We combine our extensive experience in complex nursing care with our compassion to achieve clinical excellence.
With our integrated team of Medical Professionals and System Developers we continuously innovate in Information Technology to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and accuracy of our health care provision.

Contact Information

Olidia Staffing.

4105 85th Avenue N,
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443
Telephone: (612) 567-7780
Fax: 763-634-5997


Contact Person : Olivier Nkwonkam

Industry: Home Healthcare